Are Manufactures Planning To Get Rid Of Dealers?

1:19:40 Are Manufactures Planning To Get Rid Of Dealers?

Subject index
00:00 Intro 250 episodes
02:25 Chrome Wrapped Silver Sky on the Super Bowl
08:40 What preamp style overdrives do I like?
11:15 I'm drinking Iron Maiden Trooper Beer
15:57 Do you own a guitar built by a luthier?
29:13 The Virtual Jeff® PRO @ FomoFx
31:33 Thoughts on Peavey basses?
33:24 Defective guitars during the boom?
37:10 Fender Hot Rod Deluxe of Super Sonic
42:50 What happened to CRATE amps?
47:28 What pedal would you add to a Marshall DSL 20?
49:00 What happened to CRATE amps? Part 2
50:32 Will tube amps become obsolete?
59:34 Jet City amps are back?
1:11:45 Do I like hand-wired amps more?
1:19:40 Are Manufactures Planning To Get Rid Of Dealers?
1:33:19 Your PRS Silver Sky Se is defective from guitars center
1:35:03 What bass and guitar amps would recommend for a back line company?

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