ARIS SUMMIT 2021_ENGAGE: The Value of Age-Inclusive Approaches in Amplifying Our Research Impacts

Teresa Wu, Arizona State University
Neil Charness, William G. Chase Professor of Psychology, Florida State University
Jennifer Margrett, Iowa State University
James Oliver, Iowa State University
Diane Rover, Professor, Iowa State University
Jessica Bell, Project Manager, Iowa State University
Derrick Rollins, Iowa State University

Projections indicate that the fastest growing segment of the labor force comprises older workers, age 65 and older. As a transdisciplinary group promoting resilient aging, we will describe several intergenerational and interdisciplinary learning opportunities and engage the audience in generating
ideas for age-inclusive approaches to amplify research impacts. First, barriers to improving productivity for aging persons in the workforce will be shared then a framework for using technology to mitigate negative age-related changes and improve labor force productivity will be introduced. Second, we will describe our approach to deploying technologies in concert with data science to transform the community for older citizens. Next, we will discuss two projects, the grandparent project and an interdisciplinary design charrette, that capitalize on and foster students’ skills and passions to advance the longevity economy. The interactive session concludes with a discussion of broadening participation opportunities involving older adults, workforce, and intergenerational collaboration.
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