Ask Earl Anything - Paiste Cymbals PST7/2002/2000, Studio Tour, Open Handed Playing, Independence

Happy New Year’s Day edition of Ask Earl Anything! Happy new year everyone! I believe 2023 will be a great year!

We have lots of questions! And a few video segments!

Leave feedback and comments! Today is a busy day at my house it’s our open house party! So I may be slow to answer, but I will try to get everyone as best I can!


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Studio A Basic Equipment:

Gretsch - 8x12, 14x14, 14x20
Noble & Cooley SS - 5x14
Zildjian - A 14" Kerope Hi Hats, 19" Armand Ride, 22" Avedis, 18" Armand Thin Crash

Logic Pro X
Presonus StudioLive 24.4.2
Seventh Circle Audio Mic Pres (2- J-99, 1 N72, 1 A-12)

OH - SM 81 pr into J-99s
Snare - SM 57 into N-72
Kick - Beta 52 into A-12
Tom 1 - e604 into Presonus
Tom 2 - e604 into Presonus
F Tom - e604 into Presonus

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Please check out my series on how to make a drum cover in this playlist https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGfPcwZGZAaWPBcf94n4py0UWD-RyyF2o

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