Assisted Single Ended Edelweiss-3 with 6V6-type tubes, what's it's future?

However, 1V P-P does not mean 1V RMS, and 1.46V does not mean exactly 1V RMS, I just set some points on the oscilloscope screen for measurements. The Wi-Fi router on top of the digital oscilloscope adds some noise, but I do not pay attention to it; I did not do precise measurements, I tested the amp on the bench just to get an idea. As you can see, for full power at 20 Hz the transformers with the highest inductance and saturating voltage at 20 Hz that I could find, are not enough. The upper end is not a problem, 160 KHz is more than plenty, and it is rolled off, not slew-rate limited like in popular vintage amps, that is perfect.
However, it is not a good idea to manufacture such amps with 6V6 tubes, but for tubes like EL34 or 6550 I can use transformers designed for 40-50W Push-Pull amps, getting pristine clean 12W of SE power. Or, 24W, if to parallel them.
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