Atoto S8 Ultra VS F7 SE Double DIN Head Units | Which Should YOU Buy?

Today we unbox, install, test, and decide which is better value between the Atoto F7 SE and Atoto S8 Ultra Head units. So far I love both, but you will have to watch the video to see which one is the best overall! Links to purchase below with cupon code for 6% off! Enjoy :)

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S8 Ultra 7 Inch Android Car Stereo:
F7 XE 7inch Car Stereo:
AC-HD03LR Backup Camera:
6% discount code: ATOTOUS6

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00:00 Unboxing Atoto Units
00:40 F7 SE Giveaway
01:00 F7 XE Giveaway
02:33 Installing S8 Ultra and F7 SE
03:38 F7 SE First Test
04:31 S8 Ultra Install
04:56 S8 First Test
06:13 F7 SE 1 Month Review
07:44 Which is Best?
10:15 Links to Buy
10:41 How to Win F7 XE
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