ATT Bell Labs "The Far Sound" 1973 (full version) Communication Satellite Telstar, 22 minutes

ATT Bell Labs 1973, the excellent film “The Far Sound” which highlights technology advancements in electronics and communications by Bell Labs. Topics include transistors, integrated circuits, the Traffic Service Position System (“TSPS”), the TELSTAR Satellite (of 1962), the LASER, fiber optics, the picture phone, and much more. This is the full color 22 minute original. Courtesy of Prelinger Archives.
Original film courtesy of Prelinger Archives. Host presenter is Fred Holliday (January 1, 1936 - November 21, 1995) who is also known for his portrayal of Mr. Brooks in Galactica 1980. He also guest starred in various television series, including Adam-12, The Six-Million Dollar Man, Dynasty, Project U.F.O. and Airwolf.
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