Attack of the 303 Clones: Roland, Cyclone Analogic, Behringer Comparison

Today we're throwing down three 303's-- the O.G. TB-303 from Roland, the TT-303 from Cyclone Analogic, and the Behringer TD-3. Take a listen to the history, specs, and demos, and then take a guess in our contest at the end of the video; if you're subscribed and guess all of the demos correctly, you might win yourself a giftcard!

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0:00 Intro/History of the 303
8:58 Roland TB-303 Demo
9:46 TT-303 Bass Bot Specs
13:36 Cyclone TT-303 Demo
14:24 TD-3 AM Edition Specs
18:19 Behringer TD-3 Demo
19:07 Setting Up A Chained Sequence
20:39 All 3 Sequence Demo
22:35 How Does the Contest Work?
23:51 CONTEST! See if you can guess right!
27:32 Wrapping Up

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