Audi eTron? Watch this BEFORE you buy! #audi #rangeanxiety #ev #suvev

Electic mobility with the Audi touch! Now, The E-Tron S with 3 electric motors changes everything! Which suits you better, E-Tron Quattro or E-Tron S? Watch Rob review each one and see. Comparisons are made to engineering by LUCID along with other EV makers.

With two rear motors, not only is the "S" faster, but also uses the separately spinning motors on the rear for unbeatable torque vectoring! Audi builds a solid, stable car and these two electric SUVs are no exception. Thoughtful electronics, Great audio systems and some of the most comfortable and flexible seating in the business make these EVs good choices.

Thanks to AUDI DES MOINES for the loan of these fine ELECTRIC CARS. Remeber that AUDI DES MOINES sells cars NATION WIDE! Check out their selection on the web at or call at 1-888-319-8682.
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