Audio Basics Episode 5: How to find a good stereo system

In this week's episode of Audio Basics, Tom and Lance talk about what it takes to find a good stereo system.

Show notes:
On the impact of awareness on sports performance (and, despite the title, far more than tennis):

The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance by Tim Gallwey

On the impact of awareness on happiness and thriving:

Waking Up by Sam Harris

Note: Harris is an aggressively anti-religious, scientifically-oriented figure, so if you are religious, you either have to look past that feature and focus on the ideas here which could probably be integrated with various practices…or look elsewhere.

One classic “elsewhere” covering awareness or mindfulness, which can be explored as an analog of music listening and audio:

The Book of Tea by Okakura Kakuzo and Bruce Richardson

There are parallels with this thinking in most spiritual traditions.

On finding dealers that can demonstrate audio equipment:

The Global Dealer Directory gives a list of some of the best audio dealers in the world. in the pages of The Absolute Sound and hi-fi+ magazines, you will also find ads from specialty audio dealers.

If you are looking for an audio dealer in your specific city, we recommend finding a specialty audio dealer. One way to distinguish specialty audio dealers is that they will often carry one or more of the following brands:

Golden Ear Technology
Audio Research
Wilson Audio
Sonus Faber
Naim Audio
Bowers & Wilkins
YG Acoustics
Mark Levinson
Martin Logan

This list is not intended to suggest that these are best or the only audio brands. But because there are hundreds of high quality brands with different distribution strategies, the above is a selection of well-distributed brands that tend to be limited to specialty audio dealers. If you find a dealer that carries 2 or 3 of the above, you are likely to find a store that can properly demonstrate high-quality audio equipment.
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