Audio Kitchen - Fake Plastic Trees

The story of Audio Kitchen’s Fake Plastic Trees is rooted in their Class A valve amp, the Big Trees, which employs a single EL-84 power tube to lend its beloved compression and chime when pushed into clipping. The Fake Plastic Trees is the result of Audio Kitchen’s lengthy R&D to reproduce the Line out signal of the Big Trees in a solid state package. Much of the same sonic characteristics are achieved by subbing carefully matched FETs where valves would be. Then a tone stack comprised of pre-gain Bass & Treble helps influence the bloom and overall voicing of the pedal. Also paramount is the sound and behavior of the EL-84, so Audio Kitchen took great pains to model the clipping profile using a discrete stage that’s anything but your average diode clipped overdrive. For starters, it pumps the voltage to nearly 40V internally to match the The Big Trees feel. The search for an output transformer with the right frequency response, windings and laminations was a huge step and they finally found it with a Mu-metal transformer. This linked to a simulated speaker load at the last stage is the icing of the cake, or leaves on the tree, that gives the Fake Plastic Trees its organic saturation and incredibly dynamic response. Audio Kitchen was over the moon with their results and this coming from experienced valve amp builders says a lot. The Fake Plastic Trees is built with great attention to detail in England, you can find for info at .

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