Audio Play - I Said The Sparrow - Peter Jeffrey -David Graham - Frances Jeater

Audio Play - I Said The Sparrow - Peter Jeffrey -David Graham - Frances Jeater

Saturday-Night Theatre: I, Said the Sparrow by Michael Davies

A nuclear submarine is about to leave on routine sea trials- sea trials which will not only lead the submarine into terrible danger, but will also reveal the truth behind the crash of the aircraft RJ101.

Dr Rosemary Helman: Shirley Dixon
Henry Maslin: Alan Dudley
John Saunderson: Peter Jeffrey
Lord Glengower: Cyril Luckham
Dr Nigel Morgan: Gareth Armstrong
Harry Anderson: Jim McManus
Duncan McManus: David Graham
Graham Bowles: Michael Maloney
Cathy Bowles: Theresa Streatfeild
Mrs Bowles: Katherine Parr
Philip Maitiand: Clifford Norgate
Gordon Harkness: Michael McStay
Helen: Tammy Ustinov
Mrs Helman: Pauline Letts
First Lieutenant: George Parsons
Captain of Dorsal: Gregory de Polnay
Cox'n: Ronald Herdman
Wren Officer Carn: Frances Jeater
Officer Swinburn: David McAlister
Captain of Fearless: Crawford Logan
Naval policeman: Andrew Secombe
Signalman: Spencer Banks
First seaman: Stephen Garlick
Second seaman: Hugh Dickson
Laboratory assistant: Michael Tudor Barnes

Writer: Michael Davies
Director: Gerry Jones

Sat 27th Mar 1982, 20:30 on BBC Radio 4 FM
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