Audio PlayBack Board -Flash & Pendrive Versions CW

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Audio playback module is useful to playback high quality audio mp3 files.
One f the version has got on board 4MB Flash IC 25Q32 . You can load your files on to flash memory using a USB A-A cable from PC.
On board 2 watts amplifier IC 8002 is provided.A speaker can be directly connected to the module.Also audio preamp pins (mono output in Flash version) provided to add an external Amplifier.
Other version is pendrive supported and has stereo preamp output.
Module needs power source of 5V 1Amp.
Serial pins provided Tx/Rx to access files from an external microcontroller like Arduino.

Also 8 pins provided to access first 8 files by providing Gnd pulse trigger to the pins.
Folders from 01 to 99 supported
Each folder can have 255 files from 001 to 255.
Total 25000 files can be addressed.
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