Audio Recorder Epic Comparison

What should you record your microphone into? A Camera? ...or a portable audio recorder? Some recorders are so small, they are the size of a book of matches, and they have definite benefits over simply sticking a mic intro a camera. Here are the audio recorders tested in this video...
Zoom H1 6:19
Zoom H1n 7:00
Zoom F1 31:17
Zoom F2 21:22
Zoom F2n 31:52
Audio Limited A10 7:48
Lectrosonics PDR 8:53
Saramonic SR-VRM1 XLR 11:31
Tentacle Sync Track E 12:29
Tascam DR05 10:35
Tascam DR10L 14:36
Tascam DR40 15:57
Zaxcom ZFR400 16:47
Fostex FR2LE Super Mod 22:49
Nagra 7 24:29
Nagra SD 24:59
Nagra Mezzo 26:25
Roland R05 27:05
Roland R07 28:25
Roland R26 28:57
Sony PCM-D100 30:16
Sony A7SIII 32:15
Sony A7C 32:35
Panasonic Lumix G7 32:52
Panasonic Lumix G100 33:12
Sony RX100vii 33:25
Panasonic VX981 camcorder 33:53
Sony Z90V 1" camcorder 34:15
Summary 34:28
Here is a downloadable file with what I found to be the best mic/recorder/wireless combos
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