Audio synthesizer or very basic simple organ circuit (square wave generator 50Hz-16 KC) & much more

Please read the textbox. Schematic & demo of the (very) first stage of an analog audio synthesizer. Frequencies of this circuit (square waves) go from (say) 50 Hertz to (say) 16 KC. Schematic shows everything about how to make that in a proper and simple way, using a few PNP Silicon transistors, with a Hfe of (say) 250.

The knobs on the keyboard can be touched without parasitic oscillations/noise/etc; due to their low impedance (1K) opposite to ground.

That is the reason why I used PNP transistors here and thus this circuit can function as a base for a (simple) audio synthesizer.

Though still much has to be done (!) to get to that final aim. Especially by changing sounds to a softer approach, by making reverberation, etc.

Adding other sounds to the background sound (showed in an earlier video) etc.

So making it not a kind of circus or fair circuit, but a serious circuit to add sounds/tones/music/voice or strange audio effects to video’s/films, etc. That is the final goal.

The video and the schematic shows everything that is necessary to know how to reproduce this electronic circuit, at this moment, with its somewhat fierce and coarse (square wave) sounds.

Key other schematics with which this circuit will be combined in the future, say in combination with some sine wave oscillators that generate softer sounds, are here:

4 January 2022 https://youtu.be/Zt0widtCGRU

And here (sine wave oscillator)

16 January 2022 https://youtu.be/1EVJrrIqcXE

The "mixer" to get to the final aim still has to be developed.

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