Audiophilia Reference System 2022


BØRRESEN Acoustics 01 Silver Supreme Edition Loudspeakers €43,000/pair. Dedicated stands €4300/pair

Bergmann Magne Turntable ($13,900/incl tonearm)

Phasemation PP-2000 MC Phono Cartridge ($7000)

Ansuz Acoustics T2S Record Stabilizer (€6700)

Pure Fidelity Harmony Turntable with Acoustic Signature TA-1000 arm )$10,000)

Miyajima Labs Infinity Monaural Phono Cartridge ($3375)

Phasemation EA-350 Phono Amplifier ($6700)

MBL N51 Integrated Amplifier ($17,600)

MBL N31 CD/DAC ($15,400)

RoonLabs Nucleus Plus ($2559)

All cables & accessories by Ansuz Acoustics. All are C2 level except Ethernet, D2. All cables 2 metres. Price quoted per metre.

PowerSwitch (€5360)
Mainz8 (€5000)
D2 Ethernet Cables (€2160) x3
Speakz Speaker Cables 2m pair (€7000)
Interconnects (€4200/pair) x3
Power Cords (€3400) x5
DIN Phono Cable (€4200) Note—this is the correct price. The video contains a pricing error for this cable. Thx. And apologies for the error.
Darkz T2 Supreme Resonance Control (€1200) x8
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