Audiosector Patek SE Stereo Amplifier (47 Laboratory Gaincard Clone) - June 11, 2022

Audiosector Patek SE Stereo Amplifier (47 Laboratory Gaincard Clone) with an 300VA toroid outboard power supply for sale on US Audio Mart. This video was uploaded mainly to demonstrate that the amplifier is in perfect working order; and it is not indicative of sound quality due to the video being recorded with my Google Pixel 3A's phone built-in microphone, which is not capable of capturing the best sound quality. In addition, YouTube's audio compression further degrades the sound. Regardless, anyone who knows about the exceptional sound quality of this amplifier will mostly not pay too much attention to the sound in this video.

Associated equipment: Lenco/Bogen L70 (idler drive) turntable; Jelco 750D tonearm with a Nagaoka MP-110 moving MM cartridge. Philips CD-50 cd player. Klipsch Gate music streamer. Quicksilver Audio tube phono preamplifier (tubes: JJ ECC83S/12AX7; JJ E88CC/6922); Quicksilver Audio Remote Control Line tube preamplifier (tubes: JJ ECC83S/ 12AX7). Audio Sector Patek Special Edition (47 Labs Gaincard clone) stereo amplifier. Klipsch Cornwall I (3-way speakers, 1983-1984) with upgraded capacitors and refinished in black & white ebony veneer. Speaker cables: Blue Jeans Cable (12 gauge). Interconnects: Jelco Jac-501 tonearm cable; Blue Jeans Cable LC-1; Blue Jeans Cable MSA-1. IEC's: Emotiva XIEC power cord connected to the Audio Sector Patek SE amplifier and another one connected to the Quicksilver Audio Remote Control Line tube preamplifier. All power cords - except turntable - are connected to a Tripp Lite Isobar surge suppressor. Approximate listening room dimensions: 10' depth; 14' length; 12' height.

Music track: "Even in The Tremor" from Lady Lamb's 2019 LP album: Even in The Tremor.
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