Audison & Hertz car audio does make this 2020 Porsche sound awesome!

In the upgrade didn't replace the radio. Radio factory radio had all the features that the customer wanted.
So we need a interface to integrate the source unit to what we wanted to make work. The answer was a NavTv Zen module. This interface had a optical output in which allows us to have the best possible output.

Now that interface module is determined, we can move on to the DSP. The DSP we choose was a Audison Bit Nove. This unit has 9 channels of output and that's what we needed to run the system fully active.

With the DSP decided it was time for amps. Audison is our go to amps. We needed something compact and the SR series fit the bill. So the SR4.300, SR4.500 and the SR1.500 it was.

Now time for speakers. Hertz ML28.3, ML700.3, ML1650.3 legends for the front. Audison Prima APX4 for the rear & 2 APS8R for the subwoofers.

The system was installed stealth and it sounds incredible.

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