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Ok, the flute is more texture even though it is mostly melodic. I made the flute track in post and then copied it 4 times staggering the start of each track a fraction of a second. I then pitch shifted two of the tracks. Then I brought the volume down a tad so it is in the mix. Finally I added reverb and distortion. Everything else I mostly left alone other than to balance the mix and add maybe a touch of reverb on the drums and the Microfreak. I think of this as Cinematic Ambient Music. Don't really know if such a category exists but it feels dark and cinematic. I think I may call the album Sci-Fi Soundtracks for your Dreams or some such nonsense. We will see. Hehe.
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Microfreak -
Drumbrute Impact -
Boss RC-202 -
Dreadbox Typhon -
Mooer -
Meris Polymoon -
Audacity -

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