AVRant Podcast #793 - The Sean Show (Sony A75K OLED, Samsung micro-LED prices, DIY Star Wars door)

An unusual week behind the scenes means a shorter episode, and one listener asks a whole alphabet's worth of questions!

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00:00:00 - Intro an Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are Gregory & Jonathan for their PayPal donations, plus our 135 Patreon Patrons, as well as Curt & Alex for helping out https://avgadgets.com/ with a correction, and permission to use photos, respectively.
We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Daryl, Sean, Gurinder, John, Mike, Jason, Allen, Jay, Greg & Aras. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!
- IKEA PEPPRIG duster: https://is.gd/Q25fDD

In the news:

00:11:28 - News: Sony bought Bungie
The game studio behind Destiny sold for $3.6 billion: https://is.gd/nZtf6Z

00:13:15 - News: Sony A75K OLED
Less expensive OLEDs from Sony, but only in 55" & 65" sizes: https://is.gd/aK7MEI

00:15:18 - News: Samsung Micro-LED prices
89" to 114" sizes range from $80K to $100K: https://is.gd/Ry9VR1


00:17:02 - Justin: Emotiva BasX A2m Flex Amp
Are we "down" on Emotiva?
- BasX A2m: https://is.gd/P3uv5L

00:21:10 - Eric: Mixing Absorption & Diffusion
Should he use both? How do you know when it's just right?

00:36:35 - Daryl: Upgrade to Focal Kanta?
Daryl loves his Focal Chora speakers. Does that make the Kanta Series a sure bet?
- Focal speakers: https://is.gd/oJD8UU

00:43:10 - Carlos: One Foot, Big Difference?
Why did moving his couch one foot change his trim level so much? And is it ok to have a positive trim number?
- https://avgadgets.com/subwoofer-output-clipping-real-problem-or-urban-legend/

00:50:17 - Sean: Star Wars home theater build
Sean asks ALL the questions. Layout, foam, fabric, insulation, speakers, subs, Atmos, Wides, Pre-Pros, risers, screens, projectors, mounts, in-wall cables, star ceiling, automatic doors: it's the whole alphabet.
- https://avgadgets.com/should-i-add-acoustic-foam-to-my-home-theater/
- https://avgadgets.com/how-to-identify-acoustically-transparent-fabric/
- Acoustimac fabrics: https://is.gd/yetvCD
- Speaker grill cloth: https://is.gd/edTRSg
- https://www.fabricmate.com/frame
- HSU in-walls: https://is.gd/Dr4aKY
- Klipsch on-walls: https://is.gd/pLqW0s
- Marty Sub DIY: https://is.gd/jR4qod
- HSU VTF-15H MK2: https://is.gd/CfmDYZ
- Seymour AV screens: https://is.gd/v8yfH0
- Elunevision screens: https://is.gd/fNd7Ik
- https://avscience.com/
- Peerless mount for JVC: https://is.gd/DfYtVZ
- https://avgadgets.com/safely-running-power-to-your-projector-or-wall-mounted-tv/
- Monoprice certified UHS HDMI: https://is.gd/XvIYcP
- Monoprice 12 AWG in-wall speaker wire: https://is.gd/9rOYof
- DIY air-pressure door: https://youtu.be/eELgND5FiWU

01:29:22 - Monty: Destroy the Room
Monty double checks about DIY treatment construction, three identical speakers, and what a sub that "destroys" actually means.
- Acoustimac DIY: https://is.gd/gl09Bx
- https://avgadgets.com/are-three-identical-front-speakers-best/

01:34:36 - John: miniDSP EARS
Molded ears with mics for measuring headphones.
- EARS: https://is.gd/buSAfs

01:36:44 - Mike: Hisense L9G UST projector
Size is great, but black levels are disappointing. We say which display we think he needs instead.

01:42:03 - Jon: Off-center projector mount
Why is the peerless JVC bracket offset to one side?


Hosts: Tom Andry & Rob H.

Intro & Outro by Austen Pond

Art provided by listener Ash

Ending music by listener Ted
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