AVRant Podcast #797 - Definitely Answer Gurinder (PS VR2, Sony TV VRR, HDMI-CEC & Universal Remotes)

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Sony's promised VRR update has finally arrived for their TVs, and they also unveiled the PS VR2 headset. We talk a lot about remotes this week. And a fast one is pulled; you'll have to stick around until the end to find out what that means.

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00:00:00 - Intro

Didn't watch a movie this week. But Rob gives a thumbs up for Star Trek: Prodigy. And Tom's watching After Life.

00:07:05 - Listeners of the Week

Our Listeners of the Week are our 141 Patreon Patrons, including Todd.
We also appreciate the notes of gratitude for keeping the podcast going from: Todd, Eric, Jack, Gurinder, and Scott. Thank you to everyone for continuing to listen!

00:11:14 - Giveaway!

James "House of Cards" is providing an open box UMIK-1 and SPL Meter. We'll randomly select one of our Patreon Patrons during Episode 800 to receive them. Head over to https://www.patreon.com/avrantpodcast to sign up, if you haven't already!

In the news:

00:13:20 - News: PlayStation VR2 Headset
Sony unveiled the design: https://is.gd/4MHtcM

00:17:39 - News: Sony TVs get VRR
Finally: https://is.gd/3qkwCA


00:19:03 - Comment: Allen - SVS Prime Elevations
He took our advice and is happy with the results!

00:19:37 - Comment: Clara - MKV Merge
Clara tells us how to make clips from MKV backups that retain full audio and video quality, plus an easy way to play them back automatically in your desired order with Plex.
- https://mkvtoolnix.download/


00:24:24 - Apology to Augie
Rob missed Augie's Movie vs Music vs Game Listening Mode question. We'll tackle it next week!
- https://avgadgets.com/how-to-control-upmixing-on-your-av-receiver/

00:27:05 - Rohan: GiK a no-go
Importing GiK panels into India is way too expensive. Tom suggests an alternative.

00:30:59 - Daniel: Hotel Remote
Which remote to bring with you on travels?
- Sofabaton U1: https://is.gd/6vvnNT

00:33:48 - Brandon: Easily Switch Listening Modes
Can a Receiver automatically switch between Stereo and Upmixing based on which app you're using? What about one button press?
- Denon/Marantz Smart Select: https://is.gd/Y4z0OZ

00:37:58 - Jeremy: Focal Sib Evo Muffled
We speculate why the Center sounds muffled.

00:43:51 - Daniel: Super Comfy Headphones
We make suggestions for excellent sound with long-wearing comfort. Plus using a Buttkicker with headphones.
- Sennheiser HD560S: https://is.gd/SUKNpR
- HiFiMan Sundara: https://is.gd/iotlgT
- https://avgadgets.com/monoprice-monolith-m1070-planar-headphones-review/

00:55:54 - Todd: Worth Installing Atmos?
He tried several overhead speaker positions. Should he proceed? Plus some in-ceiling speaker suggestions.
- Sonance MAG6: https://is.gd/En6IMW
- MAG6 back cans: https://is.gd/fMUSjl
- Monoprice 8" Alpha: https://is.gd/ng2Wpg
- 8" Alpha back cans: https://is.gd/d16o1F
- https://avgadgets.com/best-atmos-speakers-for-your-home-theater/

01:04:39 - Eric: Samsung Remote Woes
CEC is making it difficult to use a single, simple remote for everything. We go through a myriad of concerns: trying to translate CEC codes, Apple TV 4K, dropping cable, AV Receiver remotes, and connecting more than one Bluetooth remote.
- http://sofabaton.com/X1.html

01:24:35 - Jack: Plex on Roku
Will he retain full audio and video quality?

01:27:45 - Cody: Epson Shutting Off
We detail our suspects for why his projector is shutting off after 30 minutes.

01:31:00 - Karl: In-walls, Screens & Curtains
We give our thoughts on Karl's in-wall speaker and projection screen candidates. Plus how to make his front wall invisible when the screen's not in use.

01:43:02 - Infinite Gary: Center Speaker Height & Spades
Will a Center below your screen be noticeable during music with nothing on screen? And why didn't his Spade connectors make good contact with his Emotiva amp?

01:50:22 - Scott: Dynamic Tone Mapping Face Off
Is all frame-by-frame dynamic tone mapping basically the same? Plus, can you stack bass traps on top of a subwoofer? And which black paint to buy.
- Sherwin-Williams Tricorn: https://is.gd/qf01mP
- Acoustimac fabrics: https://is.gd/yetvCD

02:02:33 - Gurinder: Psych!
Uh oh


Hosts: Tom Andry & Rob H.

Intro & Outro by Austen Pond

Art provided by listener Ash

Ending music by listener Ted
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