Axe-Fx III does PINK FLOYD full live show

Almost three years after the final "Mauritian Tribute to Pink Floyd" show, I played all my guitar parts live in my studio (the original guitar track is muted in the live recording of my band), recording DI tracks that I reamped through my Axe-Fx III, with firmware 19.02.
I used a new version of my Pink Floyd presets pack This version has less gain and is mellower, warmer sounding. It uses a new IR, #64, which is included. I also tweaked the acoustic sounds, both for piezo and for Strat type guitars. Last but not least, I added presets for two more songs, "Dogs" and "Coming back to life" (not featured in the video, as we didn't play them)
Songs : 0:00 intro, 1:06 In the flesh, 4:21 Time, 11:24 Mother, 17:55 Have a cigar, 22:42 Us and them/Any color you like/Brain damage-Eclipse, 38:31 Money, 47:45 Marooned, 53:13 Echoes, 1:00:54 Run like hell, 1:06:38 Breathe, 1:10:17 Sorrow (intro), 1:11:51 Young lust, 1:15:43 On the turning away, 1:23:11 Shine on you crazy diamond, 1:33:34 Hey you, 1:41:21 High hopes, 1:49:03 The great gig in the sky, 1:53:55 The final cut, 1:59:30 Another brick in the wall pt 1/Happiest days of our life/Another brick in the wall pt 2, 2:07:58 Comfortably numb
During the show, we also played "Wish you were here" and "Goodbye blue sky", which aren't in this video
Get the updated pack here :
The FM9 and FM3 version will soon be updated with the latest amp and effects tweaks, and with presets for "Dogs" and "Coming back to life"
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