Babel Drone Demo

Here's a quick and dirty little thing I recorded while I was messing around with Babel.

I've got Babel on with only the first two oscillators both set to a unison low D drone. In the loop I have the Deadbeat Audio Delaylaylay, which I mess around with a bit at the end.

For guitar I'm running into the first side of the Deadbug Circuits Jezebel, into my HX Stomp with a slightly gritty JCM800 model.

Both the guitar and drone have reverb from the HX Stomp on them.

The picture shows my settings for the pedals.


What is Babel?

Babel is a drone synth for your pedal board. Four separate drone oscillators, each with their own footswitch that is tap for toggle or hold for momentary, much like an EQD style footswitch. Each oscillator has it's own pitch control, ranging from nearly just clicks all the way up to dolphin frequencies. There is a master volume and a master low pass filter to knock off some harshness.

So how is this pedalboard friendly?

Babel has a guitar input, and a summed oscillator + guitar output. When all of the oscillators are off Babel acts as just a buffer for your guitar, making sure it doesn't affect your guitar signal at all. The oscillators also have their own effects loop. So say you want some cool tremolo on the drone synth, but not your guitar. Stick your tremolo in Babel's effects loop and wham, tremoloed synth, but still full volume guitar. Want fuzzy drone synth but clean guitar? Fuzz in da loop. Reverbed out drone, but tight guitar sound? REVERB IN THE LOOP! Easy as that guys and gals.


For any questions shoot me a message/email here:

Email: [email protected]
Instagram: @deadbug.circuits
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