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In 1987 Cutting Crew was one of the biggest new bands on the circuits. They had a #1 hit with I Just Died in Your Arms Tonight and then hit the top of the AC charts with I’ve Been In Love Before and then had a third hit with One for the Mockingbird. Their album Broadcast went Platinum and they showed the promise of a possible 10 year run. Then they were never heard of again. A one album warrior. They weren’t able to duplicate that success again either songwise or album size. Up next the lead singer of a Cutting Crew, Nick Van Eede tells the story behind that big album and the wondrous period where his band was at the top of the charts with a platinum album, #1 single and 2 other hits from the same record and how I Just Died In your Arms has made a big comeback recently in a new episode of bottled lightning next on professor of rock

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It’s time for another edition of our series BottleD Lightening where we break down the history of a beloved one hit extravaganza that still resonates in our culture.. following up on our Mr. Mister episode where we talk about it from the album side. we do the same today only with a different group. This European band had a song that left the world transfixed It went to the top of charts in both the US and Canada and top 5 pretty much everywhere else including #4 in the UK and Australia. Take a look:

Then after dominating MTV and the charts with their classic 80s hit. they followed up with their 2nd straight top 10 hit, I’ve been In love before. That went to #9 in the us and #2 on the ac charts. Then the fast paced heartfelt Anthem one for the Mockingbird went to #38n and was used in the 80s movie Can’t Buy Me Love , this gave them 3 consecutive top 40 hits from the same album. That album was Broadcast which would got to #16 on the album charts. They were nominated for a grammy later that year for best New Artist.
The band at that time consisted of singer/Songwriter and rhythm guitarist Nick Van Edde along with Underrated guitarist ,the late kevin McMichael
Bassist and instumentalist Colin Farley and drummer percussionist Martin Beedle. The album Broadcast was proof that their best days were ahead of them….
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