Basement Home Theater - Using Room EQ Wizard to Setup a House Curve

This is how I used Room EQ Wizard for my Bass Management in my home theater. I will walk you through the steps I used to get to my final House Curve and get even bass throughout my entire theater area, minimizing peaks and nulls for a more consistent bass response throughout all seating areas. Please keep in mind I am not an expert - but have done a lot of research before I went through this process.

Home Theater Gurus REW How-To Guide:

Home Theater Gamers MiniDSP Guides:

Links to my home theater products are below:

***My 5.2.4 Home Theater System***

LCR Mains & Rear Surround x 5:
Atmos Angled In-Ceiling x 4:

SVS PB-1000 Pro x 2:
SVS Soudpath RCA Cables:

Denon AVR X4700H:
14AWG Speaker Wire:
Sewell Banana Plugs:
Monoprice Binding Post Plate:
HTD Whole-Home Audio System:

~Video & Screen~
Epson 5050ub Projector:
140" AT Screen Material:
Nvidia Shield Pro 4k Streaming Device:
Panasonic 4k UHD Blu Ray Player (UB820):
Ruipro 2.1 Fiber HDMI Cable:
Ruipro 2.1 8k HDMI Cable:
KabelDirekt 3' 8k HDMI Cable:
Screen Push Latches:

Lumary 4" Wifi Recessed Lights:
Govee Smart Wifi LED Strips 32.8ft:
Govee Smart Wifi LED Strips 65.6ft:

~Rack Stuff~
AC Infinity AVR Cooling Fan:
Echogear 20U Rack:
AC Infinity 2u Rack Shelf:
AC Infinity 1u Rack Shelf:
Monoprice Metal D-Ring Lacing Bars:
Velcro Ties Cable Management:
1" Wire Loom Tubing:

~Power / Other~
Panamax MR4300 Power Conditioner:
Panamax In-Wall Surge Protector Outlet:
TopGreener In-Wall Outlet Kit:
Leviton 20amp Dual On/Off Switch:
12"x12"x2" Foam Acoustic Panels:
2" Flexible Desk Grommet:
Bluerigger 32' USB Extension Cable:

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00:00 Intro
01:15 Products Needed
03:35 How to Connect
04:40 Installing Software
07:14 MiniDSP Setup
10:31 REW Setup
14:34 AVR Setup
17:14 Level Match Mains
19:28 Level Match Subwoofers
21:55 Gain Matching
24:32 Initial Measurements
29:56 Time Aligning Subs
31:34 Time Align Results
34:58 EQ Process
39:11 Setting up EQ in MiniDSP
40:48 Manual EQ
42:48 Manual EQ Results
43:28 Final House Curve
43:45 Adding a Crossover
45:20 Final Comparisons & Thoughts
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