And now for something completely different. We explore the magic they call S.E.T. Or Single Ended Triode. It is a class of Vacuum tubes considered by many to be the ultimate in sonic bliss. Only problem is the Triodes that were made for music playback Max out at 8W . This is fine if you have a huge horn speaker which have their own issues, and owning a pair seriously pigeonholes you in to one specific type of listening . In that case 1W is the magic number. Music in its purest unfettered playback form is 100% contained in the first watt, once you proceed farther it is a series of compromises. Some people that me look like the Candyman chase that first watt because it is the single finite point that exists after you boil all the fat off. Most of us will never have that tyype of speaker so we need power. Enter the Radio Transmitter tubes. These are also Triodes but were not intended for home stereos. They were made for radio transmission from radio towers. These are the 805, 811, 845, GM70 to name a few. This jumps us to about 30W Max. Still not enough to rock a set of 86dB 4 ohm speakers. So even with the 30W transmitter tubes your speaker choices are limited. You sit and dream of what 100W of Class A Single Ended Triode would sound like on your beloved floorstanders. You know it would souns absolutely stunning, but it is a fantasy...Or is it not ? This particular Triode is Soviet Military surplus. Perhaps used for Radar. This Behemoth high capacity tube is not for homes with small children or curious pets as the tube glass can reach up to 500 Degrees F. There are protective shields but I have them off for the vid. Ive never heard of any deaths from these high voltages as its not that easy to touch the electrodes, and the heat lets you know from 5 feet away do not touch, so as crazy as they sound they are not dangerous if you utilize common sense There is only one established HiFii company on the globe that uses these gigantic tubes, and that is NAT Audio of Serbia. Something in the water they drink gives them great bravery to harness the power of a Radar transmitter tube this large and theres even one larger for home HiFi use. These amps are made from Audiophiles dreams, hopes and aspirations. The best of both worlds. The seductive sound of SET with its ethereal texture and harmonic nuance that can put me in a spell in about 3 seconds. Listen to my voice coming out of the last song and you will see what I mean. so we take all the seduction of the SET and combine it with the control, power and dominance of the Solid State. It will achieve levels that you can not imagine was possible with SET. It is impervious to load, as it is stable from .5 Ohm to 32 Ohms. The exclusive proprietary transformers in this amp allow for very high bandwidth This means extra low lows and extra high highs reaching outside human hearing but still important to ones experience, measured by the brains response. Come now and listen to a dream come true. Nearly everything I show you is available for your own system. I choose not to tease with something this beautiful that I can not provide. Please enjoy !

London Grammar - Hey Now triggered a Block, it has been trimmed out

Click on time code to go direct to music and skip narrative. (NOTE PLEASE WAIT FOR THE YOUTUBE TRIM OUT OF THE SECOND SONG AS IT WILL THROW OFF ALL TIME CODE

6:58 Unbreak
9:53 SRV
11:13 Pop Music
12:30 Orchestra
13:59 Live Mod Jazz
15:17 Bee Gee
17:38 Guns of Brixton
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