Behringer ADI21 V-Tone Acoustic Pedal - Ukulele Demo | As good as the bass version?

Behringer ADI 21 V Tone Acoustic Preamp / DI - Ukulele Demo

Demo of the Behringer ADI 21 Acoustic Driver Pedal. Bought cheap for £35!

Demo of the ADI-21 pedal designed for a piezo pickup using my Lanikai electro acoustic concert ukulele

Behringer ADI 21 V-Tone Acoustic Preamp Pedal - Ukulele Demo:
00:00 Intro of Behringer ADI-21 Acoustic Driver Pedal Demo
00:42 First look at the Behringer pedal, specs and price.
02:19 Demo of BDI21 pedal using Lanikai concert ukulele
04:26 Behringer suggested settings - Folk
05:28 Behringer suggested settings - Country
06:48 Behringer suggested settings - Finger Picking
07:51 Behringer suggested settings - Jazz
09:43 Behringer ADI21 Pedal overview and conclusions

Video features the following ukuleles and equipment:
Lanikai QM-PUCEC Quilted Maple Purple Stain Concert Electro Acoustic Ukulele
Genzler Magellan 350 - Genzler MG350 Bass Head Amp
Barefaced Reality 112FR Cabinet
Behringer ADI 21 V-Tone Acoustic Driver Pedal

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