Best 5.1 Home Theater System in India | Stocks Issue for Electronics | Budget Hi Fi 5.1 Sound System

Congratulations @Srinivas P for featuring in our Comment of the Week Video!

Srinivas asked us one question which we all are facing but not getting the exact answer. In this video we talk about 5.1 systems available in India. And why are the stocks not being available online as well as offline markets? And when can you expect them in India?

5.1 Home Theater system is the most basic yet important surround sound package than can give you an immersive experience. And #Magnat #Sonodyne #Elac #PolkAudio are just some of the brands doing this job since years!

To pair these speakers with an AV Receiver, the best 5.1 Home Theater Receivers that you can consider are Denon X-250BT, Denon X-550BT, Yamaha RX-V4A and Yamaha HTR-3072.

Availability is still a question and believe me, when your dealer complains about stock shortage, it is TRUE! And its not just electronics and home theaters, cars which need chipsets to run the electronic systems are also facing same challenges.

Let us see what’s available now, and make your purchase accordingly.

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