Best 70 Amp Power Supply for Pixel LED In India - 5v LED Rainproof Power Supply for Pixel LEDs 350W

Best 70 Amp Power Supply for Pixel LED In India - 5v LED Rainproof Power Supply for Pixel LEDs 350W.

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When you plan to run multiple PIxel LED chains, one of the Major requirement becomes is a Stable and Reliable Power Supply for Pixel LED in India.
In this Video I am running 1000 Pixels (20 Sets of Pixel LED) on a Single 5v 70 Amps (350W) Power Supply which is also RainProof, as its a Wall Mounted Power Supply for WS2811 Bullet Pixels.
It is recommended that you mount this Pixel LED Power Supply at a place which doesn't gets water Splashes from Ground, like 4-5 feet's above ground.
This Pixel LED 5v Power is BIS Approved Model from SunLight and doesn't heats up even with 1000 RGB pixel led running in India, Although this will vary with actual installation conditions and weather.

As Pixel LED have long life, subject to proper storage and Regulated Power Supply for Pixels while running.
One Must buy good quality ws2811 pixel led in India.
WS2811 & WS2812B are two major Pixels used in pixel Decoration and Light Effects, All Pixel Items available on Wholesale and Retail.

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