Best AV Receivers in 2022 || Top av receiver for home theater 2022

Do you want to know which are the best AV Receivers Today in this article I explain which are the best in terms of quality price there are models for all tastes and pockets? Here you will find the ideal one for you, it does not matter if you want a basic and economical one or a complete one and a little more expensive
An AV receiver is a very important device. It is responsible for receiving, processing and amplifying the audio and video signals from the different sources that we may have at home. They usually look like a box inside which are some essential components for your sound system. They have a preamplifier and an amplifier to handle the audio signals and several connections, both analog and digital, to connect any audio or video source.
The AV receiver is the central piece of equipment in any home theater system. It performs the necessary decoding of digital audio signals (in formats such as Dolby Atoms or DTS:X etc. and adapts them so that home cinema speakers can reproduce the surround sound of movies or multi-channel recordings properly. It processes, equalizes, amplifies the signals and also divides the audio into the different channels so that each sound is emitted from the correct speaker We have prepared a list of the best AV receivers on the market, suitable for any user. But first, we present a guide with some basic tips so you can choose the best option for you
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