Best Bluetooth Speaker And King Of The Boomboxes! - Replitronics M90

Best Bluetooth Speaker And King Of The Boomboxes! - Replitronics M90
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Features and Specifications
* Accurately reproduced miniaturized replica of the "King of Boomboxes" approximately 40% of the original size
* Highly detailed, durable construction using a blend of traditional materials: aluminum, stainless steel, high-density rubber, and high-grade plastics
* Adjustable Treble, Bass, Balance & Volume Tuning Knobs
* Radio tuner with Dual Telescoping Antennas
* Dual 2.5inch speakers deliver 30-Watts of Big Power
* Bluetooth 5.1 featuring maximum wireless range & performance
* Built in 20,000 mAh battery provides 60+ hours play time
* Charge USB-compatible devices via rear USB-A port
* Quick charge USB-C port for built in battery
* Auxiliary audio input via 3.5 MM AUX Input
* Control Panel with on-board controls Power, Mode, Play/Pause, Fast Forward & Rewind
* MP3 Audio playback from USB memory sticks via USB-A port
* Fully-functional Cassette Door
* Smooth Folding Handle
* Rear Storage Compartment
* Beefy rubber feet provide stability
* Lab tested & certified
* Replica Packaging

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Product Background
01:23 Unboxing
02:11 Mini M90 Overview
03:28 Functional Buttons
05:07 Mini Cassette Tape Accessory
05:41 Input/Charging Ports
07:13 Micro M90 Overview
08:10 Scale/Measurements
08:34 Sound Test
09:22 Sound Quality Thoughts
10:10 Bluetooth Connection
10:32 Build Quality
10:48 Conclusion

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