BEST BUDGET Tube Guitar Amp for Home Use - Marshall Origin 5C Review

What is the BEST Guitar Amp for Home Use! If you are a beginner guitarist or seasoned pro the Marshall Origin 5C Guitar Amp makes for a fantastic home practise amp. It is also one of the best guitar amps for beginners with it's simple features and iconic sound! If you want that Marshall Plexi sound on a budget! This is one of the best cheap tube amps out there!!

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Video Upload 2021: 54

00:00 - Introduction
00:25 - Marshall Origin 5C Features
01:18 - Portable and Powerful
01:35 - Marshall Origin 5C Sound Demo
02:30 - Tilt and EQ Controls
03:03 - Marshall Origin 5C Tilt Control Demo
03:33 - What does the Tilt Control do?
03:54 - Save 5% off the Marshall Origin 5C EXCLUSIVE DISCOUNT!!
04:28 - FX Loop and Marshall Foot Switch
05:11 - MORE GAIN!!!!
06:05 - Like and Subscribe!

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