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BMW i4 amplifier & speakers replaced Eton STEALTH 7.1 ONYX16,28,80开箱全新汽车音响音响系统升级

Class-D amplifier with powerful integrated DSP. Ultra Low THD+N 0.003% @ 5W RMS, Hi-Lo level inputs. SPDIF input, HiRes streaming (Android & iOS). Full control with innovative ETON App. Remote Out & DSP Sub out, Auto-Sense On function (BTL & music signal). Each output: 10 fully parametric EQ bands incl. high/low shelf freely selectable (80 band). Per input: 21 fully parametric EQ bands incl. high/low shelf freely selectable (168 band), LZK up to 20 ms in 0.02 ms steps, HP/LP/BP: 6 - 48 dB, phase rotation 0/180° per channel. Freely assignable inputs & outputs incl. mixer, freely selectable color setting of the remote control.

具有强大集成 DSP 的 D 类放大器。超低 THD+N 0.003% @ 5W RMS,高低电平输入。 SPDIF 输入、HiRes 流式传输(Android 和 iOS)。使用创新的 ETON 应用程序完全控制。 Remote Out & DSP Sub out, Auto-Sense On 功能(BTL & 音乐信号)。每个输出:10 个全参数 EQ 频段,包括高/低架自由选择(80 波段)。
每个输入:21 个全参数 EQ 频段,包括高/低架可自由选择(168 频段),LZK 高达 20 ms,步长为 0.02 ms,HP/LP/BP:6 - 48 dB,每通道相位旋转 0/180°。可自由分配的输入和输出,包括。混音器,可自由选择遥控器的颜色设置。

ONYX 80 – High-end 80 mm (3") midrange driver with ribbed paper cone and anodized aluminum dustcap. The powerful neodymium drive in combination with the torsionally stiff high-end aluminum die-cast basket create a midrange experience in a class of its own! The optimized ventilation technology of the specially developed base plate and the revolutionary basket design eliminate airflow noise and allow optimal cooling of the system. This is particularly noticeable at high levels: 88 dB characteristic sound pressure, 4 ohms impedance and a nominal / music power handling of 25 / 40 W speak for themselves! Development and production Made in Germany!

ONYX 80 – 高端 80 毫米 (3") 中音驱动器,带棱纹纸盆和阳极氧化铝防尘盖。强大的钕驱动器与抗扭刚性高端铝模具相结合 -
cast basket 创造了独一无二的中端体验!专门开发的底板的优化通风技术和革命性的篮子设计消除了气流噪音并实现了系统的最佳冷却。这在高电平时尤其明显:88 dB 特征声压,
4 欧姆阻抗和 25 / 40 W 的标称/音乐功率处理不言自明!研发和生产德国制造!

ONYX 28 – High-end 28 mm (1") tweeter with reinforced, asymmetrical coupling volume. Hand-coated fabric dome tweeter with multi-stage ventilation. Anodized high-end surface-mount and flush-mount housing made of glass bead blasted die-cast aluminum. Removable grille cover and high-quality screw terminals. 8 ohms impedance, 87.5 dB characteristic sound pressure. Development and production Made in Germany!

ONYX 28 – 高端 28 毫米 (1") 高音扬声器,具有增强的不对称耦合体积。带有多级通风的手工涂层织物圆顶高音扬声器。由玻璃珠喷砂模具制成的阳极氧化高端表面贴装和嵌入式安装外壳-铸铝。可拆卸的格栅盖和高品质螺丝端子。8 ohms 阻抗,87。
5 dB 特征声压。研发和生产德国制造!

ONYX 16 – High-end 165 mm (6.5") bass/midrange driver with ribbed paper cone, hand-coated fabric dustcap and symmetrical tinsel-lead design with special voice coil ventilation. The extremely torsionally stiff high-end aluminium die-cast basket with optimized ventilation and the strong neodymium magnet with optimized magnetic field symmetry are convincing all along the line. Full control even at high levels: 90/140 W nominal/music power handling, 4 ohms impedance and a characteristic sound pressure of 89 dB speak for themselves! Development and production Made in Germany!

全新的聆听体验设置全新的标准音响系统提供了迷人的创新 - 使听众能够体验空间高度的声音。
ONYX 16 – 高端 165 毫米(6.5 英寸)低音/中音驱动器,带棱纹纸盆、手工涂层织物防尘罩和带有特殊音圈通风的对称金属丝引线设计。极抗扭转的高端铝模
具有优化通风的铸篮和具有优化磁场对称性的强钕磁铁始终令人信服。即使在高电平下也能完全控制:90/140 W 标称/音乐功率处理、4 欧姆阻抗和 89 dB 的特征声压不言自明!研发和生产德国制造!

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