BEST DOLBY VISION [4KHDR] "Demo for TVs & Home Theaters" PLUS DOLBY ATMOS 7.1.2 Soundtrack

All our videos from now on will be uploaded in Surround Sound since YouTube officially supports it.
The video was edited in Dolby Vision and 7.1.2 Dolby Atmos. YouTube plays it in HDR10 and Dolby Digital or DD+. My Apple TV shows Dolby Digital plus.


Music composed conducted and orchestrated by Jennifer Athena Galatis.

Filmed by
Jennifer Athena Galatis (Blackmagic 12K Cinema Camera)
Julian Hodgson
Graham Hatherley
Timelapse City
Via Films

Edited in Dolby Vision and mixed in Dolby Atmos by Jennifer Athena Galatis.

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