Best Features in Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers | Yamaha Aventage Settings you never Knew | India

Yamaha has always offered feature rich products in the Home Cinema segment. We crack the best 5 settings and features of Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers which will open up your avenues and make you get the maximum benefits of your investment in these premium AVRs for Home Theaters.

The 5 features covered in this video are -
1. HDMI Out - Save your Projector Lamp Hours by switching off the HDMI output when not in use. Specially when you are listening to music and do not want the video output.
2. Swipe Inputs - This is one of my favourite feature in Yamaha AVR wherein you can enjoy separate Audio Input and Separate Video Input together. Best example of this, is when you want to watch a sports event on your Set top box but want to enjoy good party music with your near and dear ones on the same system, you can do this with Yamaha Aventage Receivers
3. Speaker Impedence - Now you can select speaker impedence with the help of remote control instead of traditional buttons on the front panel of AVR. This feature lets your AVR be free of Thermal Protection for correct sound reproduction and match.
4. MusicCast Wireless - Yamaha's Multi Room MusicCast system allows you to have wireless surround as well as subwoofer in case you are unable to pull cables.
5. Scene Settings - This feature lets you dive deep into the preset settings of 8 scenes of Yamaha Aventage AVR. The only drawback being the Inputs are predefined and you cannot customize the same. But rest everything you can!

Share your feedback in the comments below when you test these settings in your Aventage AV Receivers. And if this was an eye opener for you, don't forget to hit the like button!

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Best Features in Yamaha Aventage AV Receivers | Top 5 Hidden Settings of Yamaha RX-A2A | India

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