Best headphones of 2022 - Our favorites this year

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The headphone show review team each choose three products at various different price points that were standouts of the year, along with a highlight or transformative experience of something awesome that happened in 2022. In short, this is our yearly roundup for the best headphones and related audio products of the year.

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00:00 - The setup
01:20 - DMS's picks
03:35 - Golden's picks
07:23 - Chrono's picks
10:43 - Precogvision's picks
14:00 - Resolve's picks

Products mentioned for reference:

SoundID Reference:
Meze 109 Pro:
ZMF Caldera:
Roon Labs:
E1DA Comos ADC:
Zähl HM1 Reference Desktop Headphone Amplifier:
DT 770 Pro:
Meze 109 Pro:
Forge Desktop Headphone Tube Amplifier:
Qudelix 5K:
Apple AirPods Pro 2:
HiFiMan Edition XS:
Warwick Acoustics Bravura:
HiFiMAN Susvara:
Focal Bathys:
Elysian Diva
7th Acoustic Supernova
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