BEST Held Item Build For EVERY Pokémon In Unite

I go over every Pokémon in Unite and what held items work best and why. It's a long one! Enjoy!! Yeehaw Become a member today!:

0:00 super cool intro
0:59 Venusaur
4:19 Charizard
6:57 Blastoise
9:24 Pikachu
11:41 Alolan Ninetales
13:53 Wigglytuff
16:12 Machamp
18:46 Slowbro
20:50 Gengar
22:15 Blissey
24:19 Mr. Mime
25:51 Snorlax
27:53 Mamoswine
29:05 Gardevoir
30:23 Absol
31:32 Garchomp
33:30 Lucario
35:32 Crustle
37:23 Greninja
38:51 Talonflame
40:09 Sylveon
41:25 Zeraora
43:03 Cinderace
44:01 Eldegoss
46:24 Cramorant
48:21 Held items that are BAD

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