Best Portable DACs of 2022. The best dongle DAC and AMP for headphones in 2022.

Best Portable DACs of 2022. The best dongle DAC and AMP for headphones in 2022.

As the year comes to an end, I decided to create a list of what I think are the best portable DACs and AMPs that you can purchase for your headphones in 2022. My main criteria for the devices in this list was: design, build quality, DAC chip implementation, technical specifications, output power, functionality, power consumption, sound quality, synergy with IEMs and full size headphones and of course value for the money.

Some devices from the list are my personal units, some were loaners or demo units which I borrowed for testing this year. If I was out in the market today, looking for the best portable DAC for myself, this is exactly the list of devices I would consider and I hope this list will be useful to you as well. #kinemoss #kinemosstech #dac #headphoneamp #portabledac #headphonesreview #headphones

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0:00 Introduction & important information
0:30 DACs below $100

Moondrop Dawn Balanced https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1ko1bsnwby7sj
ddHifi TC44B https://www.ddhifi.com/productinfo/455367.html
FiiO KA3 https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kpuw8ulo4miw
E1DA 9038S Gen 3 https://www.linsoul.com/products/e1da-9038s-gen-3
iBasso DC05 https://amzn.to/3SVUgpE

4:07 DACs from $100 to $200

Moondrop MoonRiver2 https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1ks75m4fvhzex
CEntrance DACport HD https://centrance.com/dacport-hd/
HiBy FC5 https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kt736htg2awx
Earmen Sparrow MK2 https://earmen-shop.com/products/sparrow
Hidizs S9 PRO https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kuizwle5hv7t
xDuoo Link2 BAL https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kvq80tx2zj9f
THX Onyx https://amzn.to/3FKNYG6

10:35 DACs above $200

Cayin RU6 https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kx6zph95ki9r
Questyle M15 https://amzn.to/3fseQ3c
Lotoo PAW S2 https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kyo57l5wk68g
Shanling UA5 https://aliclick.shop/r/c/1rk1kz5nrcbfaf96

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