Best Portable Speakers of 2021

A great portable speaker is more than just roadworthy — it needs to sound pretty damn good wherever you go. Whether you’re listening quietly while catching up on summer reading or getting the party started, it needs to put out clear and crisp audio, with enough battery life to make it through the day.

We’ve spent the past month testing 18 speakers to find the best for your needs and budget. After countless tests and many hours spent rocking out to a lot of great music, we’ve found four speakers that rose to the top.


Best all around portable speaker
The UE Boom 3 gives you robust, 360-degree sound in a waterproof, dust-proof canister that you can take everywhere. It's pretty much everything you could want in a Bluetooth speaker for $149.99.

Best travel pick
Sony's XB13 is the first piece of tech we'd throw in our bag this summer. This compact speaker pushes out sound much larger than its size, and the built-in cloth strap lets you securely attach it to a backpack, bike handlebars, or anywhere you want music.

Upgrade pick
The Sonos Roam is both a super-portable Bluetooth speaker and a full-featured Sonos satellite, so it fits into your home multi-speaker setup and lets you bring your music on the go. As you'd expect from Sonos, it delivers strong sound quality and plenty of adjustability.

Budget pick
The Tribit Stormbox Micro is a near-perfect speaker for its $50 price. It's unassuming square build features a strong rubber strap on that back for easy attachment anywhere and the battery gives you eight hours of playback. Sound quality is surprisingly good for the small size.

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