Bispell Audio: SAXON JFET Overdrive

Thomas Woods at Bispell Audio describes the Saxon Overdrive as the following: "JFET overdrive with exceedingly accurate valve-like harmonics, JTM45 tone stack, Plexi Bass Cut Switch, Bright Switch, and generous amounts of sag/compression." And I think he's spot on. This is not an exaggerated distortion, it is much closer to the real thing in terms of gain and feel. That's why it sits nicely in front of a normal JTM45 channel (or similar - recommended) as well as a standard Fender and even just acting as a preamp in front of appropriate IR's. The tone controls and subtle but thoughtful and the classic clean-up you'd get from the real thing is there as well. It loves an overdrive like an 808 in front of it for more gain and generally speaking, the sound is big and bold - again, like the real thing. Great work, Thomas!

Today's tools:

Guitar: 2012 Gibson CS Les Paul Std. '61 RI (SG Std) with Tyson Tone TTL-2 Pickups (A2 PAFS). Mark Emanuelli Strat ('57 RI body; EJ neck; Mark's own pickups)
Amp: Axe-FX III MKII running Cygnus X-2 FW 21.01 Various amp models as per the demonstration
Cables: BOSS
Strings: Ernie Ball
Mic: DPA 4166-OC-F-F00-ME Headset Mic ( with Sennheiser EWD Transmitter/Receiver (
Camera: GoPro HERO10 Black and Canon D60
Soundcard: PreSonus Quantum & Fractal Audio Systems Axe-FX III MKII (guitar, mixing and bouncing).
Desktop Monitors: PreSonus R80 R-Series Active AMT Studio Monitors (
Computer: 2017 Apple iMac Pro, 2.5 GHz 14-Core Intel Xeon W, 64 GB 2666 MHz DDR4, Radeon Pro Vega 64X 16 GB
All of my Fractal Audio Presets (free):
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