Blending Amps & Quad Tracking For MASSIVE Tones! (Rectifier & 6505)

Thanks for watching this video on blending amps and quad tracking. In search for the best, biggest, hugest and most massive heavy high-gain rock and metal guitar tone I experiment with some recording techniques. We compare double tracking to quad tracking and also various ways of blending amps, which are the Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifier and the Peavey 6505. Let me know you thoughts in the comments!

00:00 Introduction WATCH FIRST!
02:08 Double Tracked VS Quad Tracked Dual Rectifier
03:34 Double Tracked VS Quad Tracked Peavey 6505
04:56 Discussing Blending Amps Methods
06:15 Amp Blend Double Tracked VS Quad Tracked
07:38 Phase Issues And Other Methods
08:47 One Amp On Each Side Double VS Quad Tracking
11:00 The Ultimate Amp Blend & Quad Track Method?
12:22 Conclusion

RedSeven Amplification Amp Central Review & Demo:

York Audio Impulse Responses:

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