Blood Incantation - Full Set - Live @ Amplifier Bar, Perth, Western Australia (02/11/22)

Absolutely ripping set. Features all members of Dead Congregation wildin' out in the front row at different times. So ripping, in fact, that my poor camera got knocked over at least twice, probably by Anastasis. First time in Perth for all three bands (Dead Con, Blood Incantation, and us in Altars). Absolute mayhem. Shouts once again to the dude pitting in a shoulder brace.

0:00 - Inner Paths (To Outer Space)
6:10 - Vitrification of Blood (Parts 1 and 2)
26:15 - Guy named Al losing his mind & banter
28:23 - Awaken from The Dream Of Existence To The Multi-dimensional Nature Of Our Reality (Mirror Of The Soul)
46:10 - Hovering Lifeless

Recorded with a Zoom Q2n-4k, post-produced in REAPER. Did the best I could with the audio.
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