Blue Aura Blue1 Midi | Unboxing, Setup & First Impressions | Expressive Audio


In this video we unbox the latest from Blue Aura, the Blue1 Midi Compact HiFi System.

This single unit, priced at just £399, includes a CD player, amplifier, FM radio, DAB/DAB+ radio, bluetooth connectivity, headphone amplifier, optical input, coaxial input and line in. So it really is a 'just add speakers' product, and one we're enormously excited about.

Rivalling the Denon RCDM41 (though in our opinion taking the edge on sound quality!) it is designed to appeal to HiFi systems with limited space or people buying their first systems and not yet wanting to expand into separate component based systems.

Although it cannot begin to compare to a separate component system, paired here with the Dali Opticon 1s and generic install grade speaker cable it performed well beyond it's diminutive form factor and I was consistently surprised and indeed impressed with the sound produced, which was enjoyable, engaging, and more than detailed enough for any small/first time system.

For more information or to buy the Blue1, do visit our website, expressiveaudio.com, or get in touch on 01507 499047, or email [email protected]

Happy Listening!
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