BLUETTI AC500 Put to the test!! EVERYTHING You Need to Know! LiFeP04 Home Backup / Off-Grid Solution

The Bluetti AC500 is one of the largest LiFePO4 power stations currently available. Is it the BEST offering currently for 'Plug N Play' off-grid use? What about backup power when the next power outage hits!? In this video I put the AC500 through extensive testing to see it's true colors! Let me know what you think of the results!

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View my Power Station Grading Sheet HERE:

Video Timestamps:
Bluetti AC500 - Questions Answered: (0:00)
Crowdfunding Launch Pricing: (4:13)
AC Inverter Testing: (5:31)
AC Noise, UPS Mode Testing: (8:38)
AC Capacity, Idle Power Testing: (10:35)
DC Output Testing: (13:15)
DC Capacity Testing: (15:56)
Charging the Bluetti AC500: (17:36)
Display and Smart App: (21:13)
Grading the Power Station: (24:32)
Warranty, Final Thoughts: (25:07)

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