BMW 5 Series Bowers & Wilkins B&W Upgraded Audio System, Setup, EQ settings, analysis REW calibrated

BMW and B&W have partnered to engineer one of the best sound systems available in a vehicle package. This video walks through details of the system, frequency sweeps and analysis, EQ setting and parameters to maximize system performance, and some samples. The B&W system is truly outstanding. A great, flat frequency response from almost 10Hz and up (10 to 20Hz is more felt that heard BTW).

Setup using a MBP hooked to the BMW iDrive system with B&W audio system. Vehicle system output matched to UMIK calibrated microphone sensitivity and frequency sweep analysis conducted with EQ setting and parameters I have previously worked on to get a relatively flat response (I do like a hint of additional bass and that is represented in the graphs within the video)

Anyone who says this system is lacking, doesn't have it setup right or is feeding the system terrible source content.
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