BMW's new X3 is great but needs better sound - Fix this weakness with Bimmertech Alpha One speakers!

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The latest iteration of the BMW X3 is a fantastic car, but if it has a single weak spot, its in the sound system. The stock HK system is only OK, and if you really like music or have a wide variety of musical tastes, they just cant keep up. This is especially the case with the under seat HK subs.

The BEST way to address this, are the Alpha One speakers and subs from Bimmer-tech! They are completely plug in play, so for example if you have a lease you are not worrying about permanent changes.

They sound fantastic and I have had A1s in 3 of my cars now including my new M2C.

I highly recommend them and definitely check it out for your car.

Required parts and tools:
Bimmer-Tech Alpha One speakers
Plastic trim tool kit
Pick tools
10mm wrench
Shop knife
T20 torx driver
T-50 torx bit
Torque wrench
heat gun

Torque value
T50 seat bolts - 42nm

Nice to have:
Good lighting
Great music - Larkin Poe is just amazing, check them out!

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