Board to Death- Jonathan Pearce (The Beths) | EarthQuaker Devices

In this episode of Board to Death, Jonathan Pearce shares his pedalboard used on The Beth’s 2022 US tour. His pedalboard is proudly homemade out of corflute material to save on lbs (or kilos) and ease transport during international travel. Jonathan shares the reasoning behind the pedals he selected for this tour, pointing out where certain pedals shine in the setlist. He is particularly keen on the octave up on the Hoof Reaper to get a little more juice on his lead parts. The board is also largely designed to have incremental levels of gain stages to work with song build-ups in their live performances. Catch the Beths in the US and Canada in 2023 supporting their new record “Expert in a Dying Field”.

Shot by Chris Tran, Jeff France, Dannesh Moosa, David Whited, Ally Amaral
Edited by Dannesh Moosa
Mixed and Engineered by Jeff France

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