Boat Immortal 1300 Gaming Headphone| 3D Sound System| Under 2500| Unboxing & Review|

Boat Immortal 1300 Gaming Headphone| 3D Sound System| Under 2500| Unboxing & Review|

This video is all about unboxing of Boat Immortal 1300 . this Boat Immortal 1300 is upgraded version of Boat Immortal 1000D. This headphone comes with 600 mah battery which allows you to paly it for 30 hrs. This is best headphone for GAMING and MUSIC lovers. This headphone also gives best competition to boat 400, boat 510, boat 550, Boat 450, boat 450 pro etc.
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Boat Immortal 1300: https://www.flipkart.com/boat-immortal-im1300-bluetooth-gaming-headset/p/itma2d819fdc85bd?pid=ACCG2MHTSHH3BH5V&lid=LSTACCG2MHTSHH3BH5VGFJI1Y&marketplace=FLIPKART&q=boat+immortal+1300&store=0pm%2Ffcn&srno=s_1_2&otracker=AS_QueryStore_HistoryAutoSuggest_1_13_na_na_na&otracker1=AS_QueryStore_HistoryAutoSuggest_1_13_na_na_na&fm=SEARCH&iid=7b9aa69d-9cc7-48ad-bbc0-6e0ff38e7747.ACCG2MHTSHH3BH5V.SEARCH&ppt=sp&ppn=sp&ssid=a0kaxr4ac00000001634127689503&qH=fbc03389a5fbae5f

Boat immortal 1000d: https://amzn.to/3az8AAy

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1.Unboxing & Review of Boat Immortal 1300 Gaming Headphone
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3.complete information Boat Immortal 1300 Gaming Headphone
4.Best headphones under 2500 .

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