Bogasing M10 outdoor speaker review - cheap and loud! 15 watts!

Bogasing M10:
Minirig Mini 2:
UE Wonderboom 2:
Tribit Stormbox Micro:
HK Neo:
JBL Go3:

Worlds loudest outdoor speaker for $30? thats the aim of the bogasing M10 which is geared to volume outdoors for very little money. I review and test the Bogasing M10 budget bluetooth speaker and compare it against the likes of the Minirig Mini 2, the UE Wonderboom 2, the Tribit Stormbox Micro, the Harman Kardon Neo and the JBL Go3 speakers.

0:00 intro
3:48 frequency response
6:06 M10 vs Tribit Stormbox Micro
7:06 M10 vs Minirig Mini 2
8:10 M10 vs Wonderboom 2
11:10 100% loudness test
13:18 100% frequency analysis
15:55 M10 vs HK Neo vs JBL Go3
17:40 summary
18:54 specs
20:26 Conclusion


Sad Puppy - IWK
Huxley - Dirty Ugly
Nexone - Memories
Cartoon - Howling
Kam Michael - unloved (ft. Adam VanHoose)

end track: Baby C - Perfect Life

Track: Nexone - Memories
Music provided by Dirty Workz / DWX Copyright Free
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Free Download :
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Alan Ross Reviews Top Picks:
Pound for pound world champion:
Soundcore Motion Boom:
Amazingly deep bass to 40hz for its size and price.
Still worth a look:
My former world champ the Soundcore Motion Plus can still offer great clarity.
£50 champion:
Great bass for its size, Soundcore Boost:
A little bigger but a decent listen for the price BOGASING M4:
Bass Heavy Speakers:
Harman Kardon Go+ (mid and upper bass heavy but with decent balance): Play
Onyx Studio 6 (warmer than the 7, maybe too bass heavy in balance):
Hi End Picks
Minirig mk3 2.2 system:
Great for portable low deep kick: Onyx Studio 6 (more bass than Onyx 7):
Monitor Like openess and neutrality but lacks deep bass Audio Pro C3:
Best Micro Options:
Bose Soundlink Micro (warm):
Tribit Stormbox Micro (clinical):
Worth a Look:
W-King T9:
The T9 is a reasonably loud and balanced party speaker with a big bright detailed sound.
Budget Loud Boombox: no clear winner but my pick for fun outside listen would be:
W-King X10-1 for form factor and loudness
W-King D9 for bass with a little smoother signature:
Travel Speakers:
Marshall Stockwell 2:
offers a decent immersive sound with full and tight bass. Beware though it does go very loud
JBL Charge 5:
Only mono but has a very clear and dynamic sound at low volumes and can go reasonably loud but will become a little screechy over 80%.
Denon 250bt, no longer made but the standard for size/quality ratio for travel (battery drain issues)

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Bogasing m10 cheap bluetooth speaker review!
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