Bogen K130 Converted to Guitar Amp - TONE MONSTER

This is a short iphone video of a Bogen K130 PA amp from the 60s converted into a guitar amp. In the video, the guitar goes directly into the mic channel, with that channel's volume maxed out. The speech filter is on as the amp gets a little flubby in the bass without it. The signal passes through 4 gain stages (6AV6, the two triodes of a 12AX7, and the pentode of a 6U8A) before a 6U8A triode phase inverter and 2 push pull 6AV5GA output tubes. There is an attenuator between the amp and the cab to keep the volume manageable. The cab is an Orange PPC112 with a Celestion Vintage 30. Guitar is a Gibson Explorer. There are no pedals or other processing used.
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