Bose Acoustimass 6 Series III subwoofer - pinout for using with other amps with out original cable

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We are going to decipher the pinout configuration of this Bose Acoustimass 6 (works for the 10 too) series III subwoofer box to make it work with other non branded Bose amps with out having the original cable.
Forgot to put the description of the other pins, here it is:
1 Left -
2 Left +
3 Right -
4 Right +
5 Center -
6 Center +
7 not in use
8 not in use
9 not in use
10 Left back (Surround) -
11Left back (Surround) +
12 Right back (Surround) -
13 Right back (Surround) -
14 Subwoofer (low level ) +
15 Subwoofer (low level ) -
Remember that all speaker inputs must come already amplified, this box does not have amplifier for the satellite speakers, it only has filters or crossovers.
UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE you put an amplified signal in the input of the subwoofer, it can burn the input preamplifier. Use only low level signal for this particular input.
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